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Hocking History & Growth

Hocking International Laboratories’ roots go all the way back to 1976 when Ed and Sherry Hocking operated out of their garage under the name “California Chemical.” The original focus of the company was to manufacture industrial chemicals that mainly supported the commercial fishing industry. In 1981 they moved into their first manufacturing facility in National City, California, and began operating under the name “Hocking International Laboratories.” In only a few years, they began expanding their product line, which enabled them to do business with the United States Navy. As they continued to thrive, their capabilities grew, and they were soon able to support high-speed retail packaging and added food processing chemicals to their portfolio. In 1992, their son Doug joined the family business and they began Research & Development efforts to support the Turf & Ornamental, Agriculture, and Automotive industries. To keep up with the demands of a growing agricultural industry, in 2003, Hocking began to produce agricultural related products which included "Timber Treat,” a Glycol based Termiticide. As the company’s growth and success continued, they were able to relocate and open a 20,000 sq ft facility in nearby Vista, CA. Soon after, they added a 40,000 sq ft facility in Sylacauga, AL, and a 70,000 sq ft facility in York, PA, which offers 1 day service to the northeast. In 2014 Hocking International Laboratories launched their Efficiency Fertilizer products to include Nitrogen and Phosphorus technologies. Today, Doug Hocking is the CEO of Hocking International Laboratories, which continues to grow not only it’s products and capabilities, but it’s hiring capacity. Hocking is a family run company and believes it’s employees and staff are part of that family. Because of this belief, they are confident in the abilities and expertise of their people, and that they will ultimately lead the company to greater success going forward!
Hocking Company History

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