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For the most part, commercial cleaning businesses can work with groups in any enterprise. The huge exception seems to be healthcare.

Given that cleaners in fitness care environments like hospitals or studies laboratories are available in contact with different biohazardous materials and bodily fluids, they want unique schooling earlier than they could work in those settings. Most fitness care agencies require cleansing agencies with the most experience in those areas to address those jobs.

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration you have extended. We would like you to know more about us to assist you in making your decision of a long-term, contracted janitorial provider. Al Steinbaum’s Janitorial is dedicated to service, communication, truth, honesty and fairness. Our client to owner policy ensures performance, concern and rapid response to client needs.


Al Steinbaum’s Janitorial Service was established in October 1978 and by the first quarter of 1979 made the decision to specialize in commercial accounts. During that time our clients did not wish to be active regarding the cleaning needs of their office or facility. I was owner, operator, laborer and trainer working hand and hand with employees. Today my role is Administrator. This is necessary in order to meet the needs of today’s client.

Commercial Clean up | Janitorial Services

Let our educated, experienced and proficient cleaning staff help you from unpleasant clean to a finalized clean. Our development cleaning services incorporate floor scouring, waxing and buffing just as business window cleaning services. Furthermore we offer touch up cleaning.

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