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Al Steinbaum
Al Steinbaum’s Janitorial Service specializes in commercial janitorial service. We provide a wide range of services to meet all your commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Whether you need a routine daily, weekly, (one or more services per week), bimonthly or monthly there is a service for you.
Our service has your company image in mind. We realize how important that first impression is to your customer or client and that is why we keep your entry area spotless and your restroom clean and fresh. We also know the positive effect a clean work environment for your employees have, and our cleaning programs take care of their office or work station as well.
We can take care of your other needs as well. We can wash your windows, strip and wax your floors, clean your carpets.
What Makes Us Different
Communication is essential to the relationship and quality of service. This is why his accessibility to clients and their concerns are addressed promptly. Additional work or job duty requests are scheduled and implemented in the shortest time possible. Concerns of current job duties are addressed orally with employee(s) before the next scheduled cleaning. They are met onsite whenever necessary to ensure prompt correction.
The task force is primarily comprised of employees who have gone through an intensive training program. We have unique features in training. For example, they are each instructed and supervised by a trainer in each account to ensure their familiarity and understanding of the service needs, closing procedure, and building security. For this reason, we do not continually change the staffing in your office or facility.
Regular sub-contractors are used for carpet cleaning and window washing. It has been determined that the use of contractors offers a higher quality of service since they are specialized in their field. Al is available to all employees and sub-contractors at any time to handle any problem which may arise.
The service fee is based on the work to be accomplished. Each job duty is figured into the total time to perform the complete job assignment. This time factor is that which we base our cost of labor (above minimum wage) and overhead. The cost of operation is added to the cost of labor and a modest profit margin. We find this formula makes competitive rates and offers clients a better value.
Sufficient insurance coverage is provided for the protection of all parties. We carry $1 million liability coverage, workers’ compensation, and a fidelity bond in the amount of $10,000.
Al wants you to join our growing list of satisfied customers. May we have your business?